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FALL SEASON! My favorite time of the year.We Dedicate a lot during Fall-Winter Season, such as Holidays & S-A-L-E-S! (whew babe!). September -January are back to back celebrations. I enjoy this time of the year as well as the stylez that come out, that is what dedicated me to creating my "Fall Collection" in my store, its based on simple, yet elegant and cute clothing pieces as well as accessories. who else is with me???. THIS year along has been" Cray-to tha Z", starting with the covid-19 and also politics and extreme anxiety, but my special place is "Fashion" i strongly believe style plays a Huge role in our lives and throughout a earthquake ya girl will be (wink). Our fall collection has a Stylez vibe because it gives us that feeling when you walk into a house and someone is baking a pumpkin spice pie or muffins and it smells all yummy yet homey ooh how i yern for that feeling. If your not feeling those Autumn leaves or that Fall presence please do not hesitate to go to the site and grab a shirt and stand in the mirror and do the "Whip" dance (Lol). this blog is just a cheer for everyone to get in the mood in-spite of all the chaos around us because making yourself feel good and look good is therapy.


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