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Quarantine Diaries

Updated: Aug 16, 2020


Quarantine Diaries ( who would've ever thought!)

Year 2020! (sighs), this year has been a very fast,frustrating, and hectic time because of the COVID-19. During this time we've had some PROS & CONS, but the main thing that we focus on is "Safety" and "Face Masks". First, i was skeptical of covering my face with a piece of cloth and then as time went by i was just like "oh well" it became a part of my everyday outfit".You & I both know "Fashion speaks Volume" and it play a huge role in each and every one of our lives so why not live the Quarantine life with SWAG. I do admit living in a Quarantine world is not easy and even now going to the grocery stores, out to eat, running errands has its PROS- for Example: at least now Nobody can spot you at first sight so now i can dig in my cheese and nobody can judge who they cant see. (LOL). The other half of this which is the CONS is those basic face masks, UGHHH in the beginning they would get extra dirty and since they were  disposable you needed a huge quantity & it was soo BLAH. You see why my passion For Fashion Face masks while living the Quarantine life is soooo a Priority for me, i mean think about it..if your the type of person who is not allowing Corona  to stop you from living & looking good, then throw your hands in the air because you can still live day by day and protect yourself and at the same time still be the Best version of YOU. one thing i can say is that living in Quarantine has woke me up to some things going on in my health, mind, body & soul and the world around me. Its as if everyday i was living before quarantine was passing me by so fast and i though i was "living" but i was just "getting by". Example, i would pass by gyms & trails and say to myself" i need to workout" and ill set up a day & time (anybody can relate) and then......NOTHING..but the quarantine has Forced me in a way because its not soo many distractions such as parties,clubs,big events and in some way it just allowed me to sit back and see that even though i was not in these types of vibes all the time i was doing nothing at home either to get my mind away. MY family.. it has allowed me to spend more time with my kids  & husband and really open myself back up to to embrace all the beautiful things that were blocked for years. The world  is always so so so busy and we do not quiet down and listen to our inner selves, yes i know we  are busy with life but a some point dont you feel enslaved to the world around you?? like you put so much time into your jobs & businesses (as your suppose to) but you dont have energy for your mental state. My journey to open up the door to do this didnt began until 4 months into Quarantine. I still am trying to put my best foot forward and have faith things will be a good new "normal" but that doesnt mean i stop living my life it only means i just begun. If you have Quarantine diaries i encourage you to take a leap of faith and do what sets your SOUL on fire because COVID is just the tip of the ice-berg, but you can see the beauty in everything whether its masks, shirts,socks, or DIY projects, you have the power to be in Quarantine and still have some J-U-I-C-E! Be you & feel Liberated! Quarantine it up with a twerk-skip-hop & Jump!

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